King Explains Vote For Ryan

steve king forster centerNorthwest Iowa — When Iowa 4th District Congressman Steve King visited the KIWA Studios a couple of weeks ago he said he was backing Florida Congressman Daniel Webster to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House.

However, King says the Florida congressman got just 43 votes in a private vote among House Republicans and Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan got 200. King says it was then that decided to cast his vote for Paul Ryan when the House took a public vote late last week.

King says Ryan wants to “heal up” the divisions among Republicans in the U.S. House and King says his vote FOR Ryan sends the message that he is working “on the same cause.”

King says former House Speaker John Boehner was “heavy handed” and that’s why King and other conservatives “rose up” to push Boehner out. Boehner and King publicly clashed at times over some of King’s statements on immigration reform.

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