King Opens Executive Overreach Hearings

Steve King OfficialWashington, D.C. — Iowa’s 4th District U.S. Congressman, Steve King, is the Chair of the House Judiciary’s Executive Overreach Task Force.  That task force began hearings Tuesday.

King says one concern is unelected bureaucrats in Federal agencies which craft regulations.

King says the bright line of the separation of powers set forth in the U-S Constitution has been circumvented.

He says the balance has to be put back to the way it was created by the founding fathers.

He says he believes the founding fathers knew that even though they wanted clear lines drawn distinguishing the powers of each branch of government, they knew they could not use language to precisely lay them out. But, King says they depended on human nature to protect the roles.

The Republican-controlled committee approved the task force to challenge the president’s use of executive authority on gun control and immigration.

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