King Votes For Republican Plan To Balance The Budget

Congressman Steve King OfficialWashington, D.C. — Northwest Iowa Congressman Steve King has voted in favor of the House Republican budget (H.Con.Res.25). King staffers say that the budget would achieve balance in the next 10 years by fully repealing the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare and slowing the growth of government spending from 5% a year to 3.4% a year. King says the House Republican budget saves and strengthens Medicare and applies the lessons of the successful welfare reform efforts of the 1990’s to other means-tested programs. He says the budget would also fix our broken tax code, getting rid of special interest breaks and loopholes while lowering rates for families and businesses in a revenue-neutral fashion.

King says that when he first came to Congress, he went to the Chairman of the Budget Committee and asked ‘Where’s our balanced budget?’ He says the answer he received was, ‘A balanced budget is impossible.’ He says that despite years of overspending since then by President Obama and Congressional Democrats, this House Republican budget does what a budget should do: it gets to balance.

Most Democrats are opposed to the plan. They say the budget cuts taxes for millionaires, raises taxes on the middle class and forces seniors to pay more for their care by ending the Medicare guarantee. They call it a one-way path to steeper taxes for the middle class and a path to vouchers and higher health costs for seniors in place of guaranteed Medicare and Medicaid benefits.


King’s statement, continued:

“This is a pro-growth budget that begins the process of returning the federal government to its proper role. By repealing ObamaCare, this budget sets the stage for real, common-sense reforms to reduce health care costs for American families and businesses. By scrapping our current tax code and replacing it with a simpler, fairer, and more competitive one, this budget will put people back to work, increase Americans’ take-home pay, and get our economy growing in ways we haven’t seen for far too long. Finally, by stopping Washington’s practice of spending money we don’t have, this budget will get to balance and begin the process of warding off the debt crisis and austerity measures we’re now seeing in Europe.

Republicans continue to make the hard choices necessary to govern. Meanwhile, Senate Democrats haven’t passed a budget in four years because they have been unwilling to put their plans on paper and show the American people just how much taxing and spending is needed to sustain their vision of government. Now that Senate Democrats have been forced by the House of Representatives and by the American people to put a budget forward, we can see with our eyes what we’ve known all along: their budgets will never balance, would revive discredited stimulus spending, would allow our nation’s entitlement programs to go broke, and would raise taxes a trillion dollars. That’s unacceptable. The American people deserve better, and today’s House Republican budget delivers that better choice.”

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