Kurtz Answers Listener Questions

Iowa State Patrol CarSheldon, Iowa — KIWA listeners are eager to obtain information on traffic related topics.  Once each month, Iowa State Patrol Trooper Vince Kurtz appears on the KIWA Morning Show to discuss various topics, and accept questions from listeners.  Trooper Kurtz addressed a couple of those questions when he appeared earlier this week.

One listener asked about the Iowa laws that govern driving in the left lane on a divided highway.

Another listener asked if it was legal for their teen, who has a School License, to drive to the school, park the vehicle, and walk to their job.

If you’d like to get the answers to your traffic safety, or traffic law, questions tune in to the KIWA Morning Show at 7 am on the first Tuesday of each month, when Trooper Kurtz is on hand.  His next appearance will be Tuesday, November 1st.

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