UPDATE: Kurtz Says Roads Are Improving Greatly

Iowa State Patrol logoNorthwest Iowa — As road crews continue the herculean effort of opening streets and highways around the area, the Iowa State Patrol says road conditions have steadily improved throughout the course of the day.

Trooper Vince Kurtz says roads this afternoon are considerably better than they were this morning.

He says that, while the primary roads are in good shape, some of the secondary roads still need some work.

Kurtz says some secondary roads may be particularly treacherous after dark when your ability to see upcoming drifts is reduced.  He says before you travel, check the Iowa DOT website for road conditions along your route.

Kurtz said there were no major situations yesterday, due to the fact that most people stayed off the roads.

Again, the Iowa DOT website for road conditions is, or call 511 on your cell phone.


10:55 am – Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Northwest Iowa — Road conditions across northwest Iowa are improving but travel is still not advised in many areas due to blowing and drifting snow from Tuesday’s blizzard. Some areas got more than a foot of snow, which is finally tapering off this morning.Iowa State Patrol Car

Iowa State Patrol Trooper Vince Kurtz says road conditions in our area are not good.

Kurtz says to delay your travels, if possible, to allow snow plow crews the opportunity to clear the roads. He says there are still several vehicles stuck in the ditches and even abandoned on the roads.

Kurtz says the winds are not as strong as they were yesterday, but he cautions there are still times when motorists may encounter white-out conditions.

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