Kurtz Talks Governor’s Conference, RAGBRAI

Iowa State Patrol CarSheldon, Iowa — Normally we think of State Troopers as investigating accidents, and handing out traffic tickets.  But there is much more to what they do.

Iowa State Patrol Trooper Vince Kurtz appeared on the KIWA Morning Show earlier this week, and told Wayne and Aaron about some of the other duties he’s fulfilled lately, including his assignment to provide security for the National Governor’s Association Conference in Des Moines.

Kurtz says he was also assigned to work RAGBRAI, for part of the week.  This year’s ride followed a route through southern Iowa.

He says most people don’t realize how heavily the Iowa State Patrol is involved in RAGBRAI each year.

Trooper Kurtz says the role of the Patrol changes once RAGBRAI starts.

He said that, while he enjoyed the duty at the Governor’s Conference, and at RAGBRAI, it’s been a whirlwind few weeks, and he’s ready to get back to his normal routine.

By the way, Kurtz says that one of the other Troopers assigned to RABGRAI this year used a “clicker” to count riders on this year’s ride.  Kurtz said the counts ranged from about 17-thousand to just over 20-thousand riders each day of RAGBRAI.

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