Lawsuit Filed In Pizza Ranch E. Coli Sickness

Pizza Ranch wagonOrange City, Iowa — A lawsuit has been filed in federal court against the Pizza Ranch after 13 E. Coli cases were linked to the Orange City-based restaurant chain.

The lawsuit, which was filed by the family of a 7-year old Kansas girl, says the child became severely ill from E. Coli after eating at a Pizza Ranch.  The lawsuit seeks $750-thousand in damages.

In a prepared statement, Pizza Ranch Chief Administrative Officer Ryan Achterhoff says the restaurant chain is very concerned whenever there’s a question about the quality of their food.  He says that’s why the company acted proactively in early February when they first learned of a possible issue with one of their ingredients and why they take the filing of this lawsuit very seriously. Achterhoff says they’re thankful that the Centers for Disease Control has determined that this outbreak is ended.  Achterhoff says the company’s commitment to the safety of their guests and to the wholesomeness of every meal they serve is unwavering.

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