Left Turn Lanes Are NOT Passing Lanes – Big Bucks if Caught

ISP patrol car zoom on logosSheldon, Iowa — It seems that everyone is in a hurry these days, rushing here and there.  But one way that some people are saving time as they drive through Sheldon can cost them big bucks.

With the proliferation of implements hauling grain to town many people have been seen using Highway 18’s center turn lane to pass slow moving vehicles in front of them.  Iowa State Patrol Trooper Vince Kurtz reminds drivers that a left turn lane is only for left turns.

Kurtz says that, using the left turn lane to pass slower vehicles is not only illegal, but sets up a dangerous situation.

He says that passing in the left turn lane might potentially save you a minute or two on your drive time, but if you’re caught that minimal time saving will be quite expensive.

Trooper Kurtz tells us that those turn lanes also aren’t designed to be used for an extended distance prior to your turn.

The Trooper says that when the left turn lanes are used properly they assist in the orderly flow of traffic.  He says when you encounter a slow moving vehicle, rather than becoming impatient, just take a deep breath and relax.  You may arrive at your destination a minute or two later than you planned, but you run a much better chance of arriving with both you, and your wallet, intact.

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