Liner May Lengthen Lifespan Of Pool, But New Pool Still Planned

sibley poolSibley, Iowa — We’ve been telling you for several months now about a fundraising effort in Sibley to raise money to replace the old, outdated Sibley Swimming Pool.  Recently the Sibley City Council talked about putting a new liner in the pool to increase it’s lifespan.

We talked to Kim Van Der Sloot, the President of the group raising funds to replace the pool, and she says that the liner idea is a way to be able to use the pool for up to an additional ten years, but the long-term goal still calls for a new pool.

Van Der Sloot says her committee’s fundraising goal is still $1-million dollars, which will finance just a part of construction of a new swimming pool.

She says there are more fundraising events planned for 2016, but you don’t have to wait to contribute to the pool fund.

Here’s a link to the Sibley Outdoor Aquatic Center’s Facebook page.

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