Lottery Fever Sets In With $500-Million Jackpot For Friday Drawing

moneybagNorthwest Iowa — You could be more than $500-million richer by the time Saturday rolls around.  Many northwest Iowans are joining a multitude of other folks in experiencing Lottery Fever, since Friday (July 8th) night’s Mega-Millions Jackpot has grown to more than a half-billion dollars.

Iowa Lottery spokesperson Mary Neubauer says the big jackpots bring in a lot of new people.

She says most of the questions involve how to play the game.

Neubauer says the $508-million estimated jackpot started growing in March.

The jackpot is based on picking the right numbers for your ticket. Neubauer says there are some other numbers involved that make this jackpot interesting.

Friday night’s Mega-Millions jackpot is the largest since 2013, when it rose to $648-million.

Good luck!!

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