Low Bid For New NCC Residence Hall 10% Under Estimate

Concept drawing of NCC's Osceola HallSheldon, Iowa — A bid has been accepted for a new $2.8 million residence hall at Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon.

We talked to NCC’s vice president of operations and finance, Mark Brown, who tells us about the planned facility.

He says that equates to six living suites per floor with four students in each suite. He says unlike the other residence halls, each student will have their own bedroom.

He tells us more about the 4-person suite rooms.

Brown says the new hall will have another feature that the others do not.

He says six contractors bid to build the facility.

Brown says they’d like things to get moving within the next 30 days so that they can get the basement in and get most of it enclosed so work can continue throughout the winter and the building can be complete and ready for students in the fall of 2017.

The building will be on the south edge of campus, built into a hill. It will have a walk-out basement, says Brown.

We talked with Brown about why the new residence hall is needed. He says one of the reasons is the tight housing market in northwest Iowa, but there are other factors.

Brown says faculty, staff, and students are excited about the construction getting underway soon. He says tuition and tax levies will remain the same as the room and board fees will pay for the new facility as it is used.

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