Lyon County Riverboat Foundation Gives Over $600,000 And Commits Over $1.9 Million This Grant Cycle

Date posted - February 8, 2013

Riverboat Grants February 2013Larchwood, Iowa — Twenty-four projects and worthy purchases designed to help make Lyon County a better place to live were given funding from the Lyon County Riverboat Foundation on Thursday night. Six of the projects had been given funds before, and the Foundation continued to fulfill their commitments to the projects. Eighteen additional projects were also funded — some of them got all they asked for on Thursday night, and the Riverboat Foundation started funding some others.  The foundation gave out $610,923.91, and made a total commitment (through some multi-cycle grants) to give $1,939,600 on Thursday night.

The biggest projects receiving funds were the Rock Rapids Kids Club day care, Larchwood Fire Department, and the City of Lester.

The Rock Rapids Kids Club day care will receive $750,000 in 20 cycles — that’s $37,500 per cycle, or twice a year. It goes toward a new day care facility which is planned in Rock Rapids.

The Larchwood Fire Department will use their $492,500 toward the construction of a new fire station — one that is safer and has more parking. They get their money in 10 payments of $33,200.

The City of Lester received a commitment to $246,560 — $100,560 now, and four more payments of $36,500 — toward a new community center.

The Foundation received 37 grant applications, 18 of which were funded in this grant cycle.

Some of the money ($117,823.91) also went to other projects to which the Foundation had committed funds in past grant cycles.  The City of Inwood received $37,500 more toward their aquatic center.  The George Fire Department got $15,170.50 more toward the purchase of their grass rig.  Larchwood Emergency Medical Service (LEMS) received $25,000 more toward their new ambulance.  The Lester Fire Department received $16,666.66 more toward their new fire truck.  The City of Rock Rapids received $6457 more toward their housing project.  And the Inwood Fire Department received $17,029.75 more toward their grass rig.

American Legions of Lyon County$6,800.00To help bring the Vietnam Moving Wall Memorial to Lyon County
City of Doon - Doon American Legion$3,898.00For chairs for the community center
City of Inwood$10,837.00toward the purchase of a new outdoor warning siren
City of Lester$246,560.00towards a new community centerThey'll get $100,560 this cycle and $36,500 per cycle for 4 cycles
Congregational United Church of Christ of Rock Rapids$10,000.00toward new windows in the church
Doon Fire Department$52,000.00toward the purchase of an equipment truckThey will receive $26,000 per cycle for two cycles.
George-Little Rock Community School District$32,386.00to help make safety and security improvements
Inwood Fire and Rescue Departments$17,681.00toward the purchase of defibrillator equipment
Inwood Museum$1,441.00to help archive items and create a database of the items in the museum
Kids Club day care in Rock Rapids$750,000.00towards a new day care facilityThey will receive $37,500 per cycle for 20 cycles
Larchwood Fire Department$492,500.00towards a new fire station.They received $160,500 in this grant cycle and willl receive $33,200 per cycle for 10 cycles or 5 years.
Little Rock Fire Department$125,000.00toward the purchase of a new fire truckThey will receive $25,000 in each of 5 cycles
Lyon County Ambulance$13,639.00towards the purchase of a digital radio communications system
Lyon County Conservation Board$3,108.00toward the purchase of kayaks for people to use at Lake Pahoja
Lyon County Economic Development$14,000.00toward the development of a plan for tourism development in Lyon County
Lyon County Fair Association$4,588.00toward repair and improvement of the horse barn on the Lyon County Fairgrounds
Rock Rapids Fire Department$6,300.00toward the purchase of a thermal imaging camera, which can be used to locate hot spots in walls, or even victims of a crash or lost children
West Lyon Community School District$18,861.00to help make security renovations at the school
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2 Responses to “Lyon County Riverboat Foundation Gives Over $600,000 And Commits Over $1.9 Million This Grant Cycle”

  1. "Randy Bosch" says:

    I see scam afoot once again in Lyon county.Wonnder what happened to money to Seasons Center (a private hospital for mental illness)?Saw in Lyon County Liar that they went for a hit at OUR profit and gain.Did you know that Lyon County already gives them 1,025,000 a year from our property taxes already.That comes to almost 100 dollars a year per beating heart in just Lyon County.As for the rape of parents and taxpayers of new State of the Art daycare center.Why is the new one not good enough built 10-12 years ago?We the people of Lyon county Iowa already live in the least populated county in Iowa with the highest property tax in the the state of 99 counties with the most unanswered questions of missing revenue in the state.We’ve been robbed for decades you stupid fools of Lyon County.Wheres the the monies from The main street project in the 70s to redo 1st ave east and 2nd Ave?If any of you got a KalKulater you kan add up the numbers yourself and find thaT THIS DOES NOT ADD UP.

    ***Editor’s note: The above statement was not written by Randy Bosch, Lyon County Supervisor

    • kiwa says:

      The staff and management of KIWA are aware that the comment from “Randy Bosch” did NOT come from Lyon County Supervisor, Randy Bosch.

      We are fairly certain we do know who wrote this comment and attached Supervisor Bosch’s name; and if this kind of activity continues, we will take appropriate action.

      KIWA Management

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