Lyon County Riverboat Foundation Gives Over $600,000 And Commits Over $1.9 Million This Grant Cycle

Riverboat Grants February 2013Larchwood, Iowa — Twenty-four projects and worthy purchases designed to help make Lyon County a better place to live were given funding from the Lyon County Riverboat Foundation on Thursday night. Six of the projects had been given funds before, and the Foundation continued to fulfill their commitments to the projects. Eighteen additional projects were also funded — some of them got all they asked for on Thursday night, and the Riverboat Foundation started funding some others.  The foundation gave out $610,923.91, and made a total commitment (through some multi-cycle grants) to give $1,939,600 on Thursday night.

The biggest projects receiving funds were the Rock Rapids Kids Club day care, Larchwood Fire Department, and the City of Lester.

The Rock Rapids Kids Club day care will receive $750,000 in 20 cycles — that’s $37,500 per cycle, or twice a year. It goes toward a new day care facility which is planned in Rock Rapids.

The Larchwood Fire Department will use their $492,500 toward the construction of a new fire station — one that is safer and has more parking. They get their money in 10 payments of $33,200.

The City of Lester received a commitment to $246,560 — $100,560 now, and four more payments of $36,500 — toward a new community center.

The Foundation received 37 grant applications, 18 of which were funded in this grant cycle.

Some of the money ($117,823.91) also went to other projects to which the Foundation had committed funds in past grant cycles.  The City of Inwood received $37,500 more toward their aquatic center.  The George Fire Department got $15,170.50 more toward the purchase of their grass rig.  Larchwood Emergency Medical Service (LEMS) received $25,000 more toward their new ambulance.  The Lester Fire Department received $16,666.66 more toward their new fire truck.  The City of Rock Rapids received $6457 more toward their housing project.  And the Inwood Fire Department received $17,029.75 more toward their grass rig.

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