Lyon County Riverboat Foundation Gives Emergency Grant To Help Lyon County Flood Victims

Rock Rapids, Iowa — The non-profit license-holder of the Grand Falls Casino near Larchwood is reaching out to help Lyon County flood victims.

Lyon County Riverboat Foundation board president Jeff Gallagher says that in response to the devastating flood that stuck Lyon County in early June, the Lyon County Riverboat Foundation is partnering with Justice For All and making a $30,000 grant to them to assist Lyon County residents with immediate needs. The grants will be made by JFA through the Rock Rapids office and any county resident can apply.

From left: LCRF's Russ Hopp and Jeff Gallagher, JFA's Joe Vander Zee, and LCRF's Margo Pedersen
From left: LCRF’s Russ Hopp and Jeff Gallagher, JFA’s Joe Vander Zee, and LCRF’s Margo Pedersen

Gallager says that the Riverboat Foundation board felt this was an urgent need in the county and made a special grant to meet these needs. Future emergency grants may also be necessary to assist county residents.

He says this will reduce the funds available for the fall cycle of competitive grants, but the board felt that this was an urgent need.

The presentation of the check will take place Monday afternoon at 5:30 PM at the Lyon County Riverboat Foundation Office in the Frontier Bank building in downtown Rock Rapids.

The Riverboat Foundation’s funds come from their partnership with the Grand Falls Casino and Golf Resort.

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