Make Sure Your Car Is Ready For Winter Survival

Winter_Weather_AdvisoryNorthwest Iowa — Here in northwest Iowa, the winter weather season is beginning with a bang, so motorists need to take a few precautions, pronto. Ann Avery, the Iowa spokeswoman for State Farm Insurance, says an emergency kit is a must for your vehicle’s trunk.

There are several staples that should be in everyone’s vehicle, before the winter winds start whipping.

Other helpful items to have handy include: road salt or cat litter to help with tire traction, a flashlight (with working batteries), matches or a lighter, duct tape, a small tool kit and a tow strap. Avery offers a few more suggestions.

If there’s a teenage driver under your roof, Avery says you should talk to them about the importance of this kit.

Other items that you might consider for your emergency kit are: a hazard triangle with reflectors, flares, a brightly-colored flag or “HELP” sign, and a tarp for sitting or kneeling in the snow for doing exterior work like a tire change.

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