Meetings Held About Proposed State Park

Larchwood, Iowa — Information has been distributed to the public and the public’s comments have been collected at two meetings this week in regard to a possible new state park in western Lyon County. Iowa DNR State Parks Bureau Chief Todd Coffelt says now the master plan has to be created before public comment is received on it.
Blood Run Pitted Boulder

He says two years ago, the legislature set aside $2 million for the purpose of a state park in Lyon County.

He says that the meetings on Wednesday night and Thursday were a chance for planners to engage with the public, and hear their comments, concerns, and priorities.

He says he has heard similar opinions for the most part.

He says the area is a multi-use area, but their main purpose in the area they hope to make a state park is to preserve the native American features. He says that at its peak, over 10,000 people are thought to have lived in the area.

Coffelt says a big part of their effort is in speaking with the native American tribes who were once part of the Oneota group that lived in the Blood Run area, and make sure that the area is treated with the respect it deserves.

But he tells us that they need to make sure they know what everyone would like to happen, so that the best decisions can be made for all concerned.

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