MOC/FV Middle School May Add Classrooms

Orange City, Iowa — The MOC-Floyd Valley Middle School in Alton may be getting some new classrooms.
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According to MOC/Floyd Valley Superintendent Russ Adams, the district’s board of education is looking into the possibility of gutting the current, partially-finished classroom that’s in the MOC/FV Middle School basement now, and starting over with four to six classrooms in the basement space.

Adams says they are in the preliminary stages now. They have contacted an architect, and preliminary drawings have been done. He says a special meeting is being held on Tuesday morning to see where the board wants to go from here.

Adams says if the project gets the green light, it would have to be put out for bids. He says if it’s approved, they’d like to be done with the construction by Christmas, 2016. Due to that tight time schedule and the schedule of the engineers, a special meeting needed to be called.

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