Moisture Is Double-Edged Sword For Farmers

snow field_sxcNorthwest Iowa — The moisture we’ve received in the past month is a double-edged sword for farmers.

We had a chance to visit with Iowa State University Extension Crop Field Specialist Joel De Jong. He says on the one hand, the moisture and cold weather is keeping farmers from the fields.

He says some northwest Iowa farmers have a good portion of planting done, and some have no crop in the ground at all, depending on specific location.

On the other hand, De Jong says the good thing about all this moisture is — all this moisture.

De Jong also reminds northwest Iowans that very soon, the fields will be very busy. That means the roads will be busy with farm traffic as well. And he says we need to keep in mind that farm traffic moves slower than most, so we need to stay alert to those hazards on the roads.

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