More Information Available On Sibley Robbery

Sibley, Iowa — You may remember that earlier this week we told you that four people were arrested on felony robbery charges in Sibley.
crime scene tape over lightbar
The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office reported that on Sunday (August 21, 2016), their deputies arrested 35-year-old Jose Manuel Maldonado Castillo of Sibley on charges of Robbery in the 1st Degree, a class B Felony; two counts of Assault while Participating in a Felony; Going Armed with Intent; Interference with Official Acts with a Dangerous Weapon; and Unauthorized Possession of a Dangerous Weapon, all class D Felonies.

They said they also arrested 25-year-old Peter Nazario Alvira of Sibley, as well as 55-year-old Pedro Juan Figueroa Rios and 38-year-old Nicomedes Montanez Cruz, both of Sioux City — and charged them all with Robbery in the 1st Degree, a class B Felony.

Court records now available give us a few more details into the crime.

They indicate that about 8:30 PM on Sunday, August 21st, a robbery was allegedly committed at a home in the 900 block of Third Avenue in Sibley. Court records indicate that witnesses say all four men participated in the robbery. They allege that Maldonado Castillo brought a 9mm handgun into an occupied home and aimed the loaded gun at two individuals while “demanding materialistic goods.” These alleged acts are connected with Maldonado Castillo’s charges of Going Armed With Intent, two counts of assault while participating in a felony, and unauthorized possession of offensive weapons. His other charge of interference with official acts with a firearm is connected to his alleged fleeing on foot from a motor vehicle during a traffic stop. Officers say he did so while carrying a firearm, and he allegedly tossed it away while running. It was found near where he was apprehended, according to court documents.

The court documents say Montanez Cruz and Figuera Rios were allegedly inside the dwelling while the robbery took place, and officers say the two were aiding and abetting.

Nazario Alvira was identified by three witnesses as being involved in the robbery, according to court records. They say the victims stated that he searched through the home for items and throughout the robbery approximately $170 was taken from the victims.

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