More Than 7-Thousand Pounds Of Produce Donated To Food Banks

vegetable garden 1Rock Rapids, Iowa — Earlier this year we told you about a grant awarded to Lyon County Extension and Outreach that would benefit food banks in all four of our counties here in northwest Iowa.  That Master Gardener grant to Lyon County Extension, as well as grants in other areas of the state, have produced a great deal of produce for needy families around the state.

Iowa State University’s Susan DeBlieck says the Extension Education and Outreach Program provides education for low income families on how to prepare produce. The gardens were tended throughout the summer by Master Gardener volunteers who harvested seven-thousand pounds of vegetables.

In addition to Rock Rapids, the gardens are located in Lewis, Kanawha, Ames, Nashua, Fruitland and Crawfordsville. The Iowa State Extension program has a long history of using demonstration gardens to help educate, and DeBlieck says this program fits in well with that tradition.

She says many of the vegetables you probably grew in your own garden.

The food banks and pantries are also expected to benefit from the educational demonstrations at the gardens.

You can find out more information about the demonstration programs and how you can become a Master Gardener online at:

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