Nationally Known “Teen Success Coach” Comes To Northwest Iowa

Carrier 2Sheldon, Iowa — High school students from the Sheldon Community Schools and South O’Brien Community Schools gathered in Sheldon Wednesday afternoon for a presentation with Julie Marie Carrier, a nationally known speaker, and a Teen Success Coach on MTV’s hit show “MADE”, where she helps students “step out, step up, and achieve their dreams.”

Carrier told us a little about her background…..

Carrier says her message to the students is all about leadership and character…..

She says she likes to talk about the ABC’s…..

Carrier says she was a victim of teasing when she was younger, enduring such names as “nerd”, “munchkin” and “monkey legs”. She says it’s important to let kids know that tough times are temporary…..

Carrier said that, while she’s grateful to be able to help kids through her TV show, interacting with kids in a setting like Wednesday’s is more meaningful to her.

Carrier’s high-energy, interactive presentation was held Wednesday afternoon in the Sheldon High School Gym. She made a similar appearance Wednesday morning at Spencer High School, all as part of a partnership with Cherish Center of Milford.

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