Nearly 250 People See Sanders In Sheldon

Sheldon, Iowa — Presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders has been attracting large crowds at most of his appearances, and his visit to Sheldon Friday was no exception.
bernie sanders
The gathering which was scheduled to be held in the downstairs dinner date room of the Community Services Center was moved to the upper level of the building where the main assembly room was filled with nearly 250 people. Sanders, who is running for the Democratic nomination in the Presidential race remarked that he loves this type of meeting where he can get feedback from large numbers of people. He said this is the way democracy should work with the full understanding that no one person can solve the country’s problems alone.

In further comments he called for a revitalization of democracy in this country, pointing out that at the present 63 percent of the people are not voting, Wall Street regulates Congress, big money controls both parties and too often the media determines the issues. He called for a system that helps correct the disparity in income between the wealthy and the poor, with the middle class disappearing. As wages have not kept up with inflation he wants to see the minimum wage raised to fifteen dollars an hour over the next few years.

Sanders also brought up the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United which he said gives the wealthy people an opportunity to buy the U.S. Government. As an example he mentioned the Koch Brothers who are expected to spend a billion dollars on the election. He vowed that as president he would not nominate anyone for the Supreme Court unless they declared their intent to reverse that decision. When asked how he could get more of the Democratic vote, he said a larger voter turnout is needed, particularly among the young people who have been turned off by the political process. He also said he felt the working class has to learn more about what he called the Republican issues such as tax breaks for millionaires, elimination of Social Security and elimination of Medicare and Medicaid.

Sanders is an independent U.S. Senator from Vermont who generally votes with the Democrats on issues.

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