New Challenge Issued In Sheldon High NHS Penny Drive For American Red Cross

pocket changeSheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon High School National Honor Society is sponsoring a Penny Drive for the Red Cross. Mrs. Prewitt at Sheldon High says Bob Kirschbaum, the Chapter Support Officer with the Red Cross out of Sioux City talked to her about the possibility of a penny drive.

Four teachers were selected as “heroes”.  The idea was people would put pennies and dollars in the bucket of the teacher they’d want to win — and the silver-colored coins and $5 bills were a way to sabotage other teachers’ buckets, as they counted to the negative. The winning teacher would then get to throw a pie in the faces of the loosing teachers on Monday.

HOWEVER — Now a challenge has been issued to  the students of Sheldon High School – if they donate $250 by Monday morning at 11:45, High School Principal Matt Meendering has volunteered to be the recipient of all four pies in the face!

As of Friday morning, $99.86 had been donated by students for the Penny Drive. The buckets will be out at Friday night’s home double-header basketball game starting at 6:30 and will located be by the concession stand for members of the community who would like to help the high school students meet or exceed the challenge!

The pie throwing will happen at a pep rally at 2:55 Monday afternoon in the high school gym.

All proceeds will go to the Red Cross.

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