New Online Options for Certified Manure Applicators

Des Moines, Iowa — New online options are making training and fee payment easier than ever for more than 4,500 certified Iowa manure applicators.
manure applicator
Gene Tinker, DNR animal feeding operations coordinator says it opens up several options.

Or people can use any combination of traditional and online services Tinker added, including going to a field office to take a test.

He says that if you take the training online, you don’t need to take a test.

Online training is available to anyone interested in manure application, but is specifically designed to help manure applicators meet state requirements to become certified.

Online training modules cover topics like biosecurity for human and animal safety, and managing nutrients to improve water quality.

He says while they think this is a great new system, they still think there’s value in the face-to-face traditional interaction as well.

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, in cooperation with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, developed the online training. The legislature provided funding for the project.

Find a link to online training at This is also where applicators and business managers can check their own records for renewals, expiration dates and fees.

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