New Rankings Out: Iowa 19th Most Likely Place To Be Ticketed

With Memorial Day weekend approaching, many folks will be hitting the road both near and far for Memorial Day weekend fun. With that said, there are some things motorists need to keep in mind as they traverse the fruited plains.

The National Association of Motorists has released the list of states that you are most likely to get a traffic ticket.

The rankings below came from analyzing ticket-related search queries such as “speeding ticket” and “traffic tickets” using Google’s Insights for Search–a public tool that shows search trends across the United States. This is the same methodology we used to create the original 2010 rankings.

After crunching the numbers, the NMA found that Nevada is the state most likely to issue you a traffic ticket, followed by Georgia and Alabama. In 2010 Florida took the top spot and Georgia and Nevada tied for second place.

The state where you’re least likely to get ticketed is Wyoming, followed closely by Montana. These two ranked at the bottom in 2010 as well.

Here is the top-25:

Rank State Score
1) …. Nevada 79
2) …. Georgia 70
3) …. Alabama 69
4) …. Florida 67
5) …. Maryland 65
6) …. Louisiana 63
7) …. Texas 62
8) …. District of Columbia 61
9-tie)  California 59
9-tie)  North Carolina 59
9-tie)  Missouri 59
12) … New York 56
13) … Mississippi 55
14) … South Carolina 54
15-tie) Indiana 51
15-tie) Washington 51
15-tie) Tennessee 51
18) … Illinois 50
19-tie) Arizona 49
19-tie) Iowa 49
19-tie) Oklahoma 49
22 …  Virginia 48
23 …  New Jersey 47
24-tie) Ohio 45
24-tie) Kansas 45

However, if you’re planning to drive through Nebraska, be on the lookout for those blue and red flashers. That’s because Nebraska was the top gainer (or loser?) in 2012, jumping 10 spots to number 33.

Information regarding the National Motorists Association can be found at:

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