New Sheldon Police Vehicle Now In Service

Sheldon PD Car 2Sheldon, Iowa — Officers of the Sheldon Police Department have started patrolling the city in a new vehicle.  The first two things you’ll notice about the new patrol vehicle are the vehicle’s body style and color scheme.  The department selected a Ford Police Interceptor SUV, which is built on the Explorer platform, and decided on a classic black and white color scheme.

The last several patrol cars used by the department have been Ford Crown Victorias,  however since Ford discontinued manufacturing that model, the department was left to decide on something different.  Sheldon Police Chief Lyle Bolkema says that they looked at Dodge Chargers and Ford Police Interceptor Cars, which are built on the Taurus platform, but that neither provided sufficient interior room for officers or prisoners once all of the equipment needed was installed in the vehicle.  Bolkema says that’s why they settled on the SUV.  He says that the color scheme was just a throwback to the classic black and white style, making the car easily recognizable.

In addition to the color scheme, there’s new technology in the vehicle that will be available to Sheldon officers for the first time.  One of the most obvious is the Mobile Data Terminal, which connects via satellite.  This terminal looks like a laptop computer installed in the vehicle, and will allow officers to obtain a variety of information without tying up the dispatch center with radio traffic.  This new patrol vehicle is the first Sheldon police car to ever have such technology.  Officers say that they’re waiting on the delivery of this equipment, and that it will be installed soon.

So if you see a black and white police car cruising around the streets of Sheldon, fear not.  It’s not an officer from another town who made a wrong turn and ended up in Sheldon, but one of Sheldon’s finest, protecting and serving the community.

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