New Sioux County Airport Being Built

plane airplane clipartSioux County, Iowa — There is a new airport under construction in Sioux County.  The Sioux County Regional Airport is a multi-jurisdictional project between the cities of Orange City and Sioux Center, along with Sioux County.

Harold Schiebout is Chairman of the Board of the Sioux County Airport Agency, the organization spearheading the project.  He told KIWA about the reason for the project.

He says the plan was first conceived almost fifteen years ago.

Schiebout told us that they spent about three or four years acquiring real estate for the airport, and that construction has now begun.

He says that the Federal Aviation Administration likes the Sioux County project for a couple of reasons.

Schiebout says the age and condition of the current airports in Orange City and Sioux Center make the timing right for this new airport project.

He said they’re hoping to have the new Sioux County Regional Airport open and operational by 2018.

Schiebout says the new airport is being built southeast of the Highway 10 and 75 junction.

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