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No Special Committee On Medical Marijuana

Des Moines, Iowa — (RI) — Top Republican lawmakers at the statehouse have denied a request from Democrats to start a special committee to study the state’s medical marijuana program.

Republican Governor Kim Reynolds vetoed a bipartisan bill passed this year that would’ve allowed for more potent medical marijuana products. Representative John Forbes, a Democrat from Urbandale, says it would help with crafting a proposal to expand the program.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds says she isn’t interested in an interim legislative committee. Reynolds says there already is a process for reviewing the rules that was included in the initial law.

Reynolds says she vetoed the bill over the provision that would have let more potent cannabis pills, oils and creams be produced and sold in Iowa. Something that was not approved by the advisory board.

She says wants to see what the advisory board thinks before signing off on expanding the potency of the medical marijuana.

Reynolds says lawmakers should work through the policy board to make changes instead of another committee.

Lawmakers failed in an attempt to get enough votes to call a special session to override the veto.

Photo Courtesy Radio Iowa


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