No Tax On Clothing, Shoes Friday, Saturday

Statewide Iowa — Anyone who needs to do back-to-school shopping for clothing and shoes will save money if they go this Friday or Saturday (August 5-6, 2016), thanks to Iowa’s annual Sales Tax Holiday. Victoria Daniels,  Public Information Officer for the Iowa Department of Revenue, explains how the annual tax holiday — an exemption written into Iowa code — works. She says the legislature put the program into place in the year 2000.Sales Tax Holiday

She says there are a few stipulations about buying items free from taxes during the two-day event.

She offers a few examples of items in the gray area that may confuse shoppers.

Incidentally, although the Sales Tax Holiday is timed to coincide with back-to-school shopping, school supplies are not included, and are TAXABLE, as usual. She also says that despite the timing with back-to-school, the sales tax holiday is for ALL clothing and shoes, not just those for kids, so it might be a good time to get yourself a new outfit as well.

Click here for a link to the Iowa Department of Revenue’s page.

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