Northwest Iowa Congressional Delegation Supportive Of Tax Plan

Washington, DC — Our northwest Iowa congressional delegation voted for the G-O-P’s tax plan, and they have issued statements supporting it.

Senator Chuck Grassley called the tax bill “landmark” and “historic.” Senator Joni Ernst noted the bill includes her “SQUEAL Act” which means members of Congress will no longer get a tax break for their living expenses in Washington. Northwest Iowa’s Congressman, Steve King of Kiron called the legislation an “early Christmas present to American taxpayers.”

Congressmen from other areas of the state were supportive as well. Rod Blum of Dubuque did not issue a statement after the vote, but has tweeted recently that “families…will see their tax home pay increase” as a result of the bill’s passage. Congressman David Young of Van Meter tweeted right after voting for the bill that it would “give hardworking Iowa taxpayers the relief they deserve.”

Democratic Congressman Dave Loebsack of Iowa City criticized the bill, saying it “focuses on slashing taxes for millionaires, billionaires and corporations.”

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