Northwest Iowa Development Features Virtual Buildings For Northwest Iowa Sites

Sheldon perspectiveSheldon, Iowa — People wanting to start a business or move to a larger facility in northwest Iowa now have another option. Northwest Iowa Development now has, featured on their web site — virtual spec buildings, if you will.

These are not real buildings — yet. The idea is that all the plans and specs are in place up to the point of customizing the building for the owner’s use, says Bob Henningsen with Northwest Iowa Development.

He says that allows communities to have a spec building without the expense of actually building one.

He says it’s not just a pretty picture.

The virtual building links can be found at Click on resource links, then the side menu for virtual buildings. He says they can also be found on Youtube. Just look for the name of the community and virtual building. For instance, “Sheldon virtual building” would be a good search query. Henningsen says they’re marketing the buildings to any company, both inside and outside the region looking to expand or relocate in northwest Iowa.

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