Northwest Iowa Development Opposes EPA Plan

Northwest Iowa — An area development group is expressing its concern over the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to re-adjust air quality standards.
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Northwest Iowa Development, an organization that represents six counties in northwest Iowa, has passed an official resolution in opposition to the EPA’s decision to consider lowering the National Ambient Air Quality Standard, commonly referred to as ground-level ozone or smog.

One of the members of Northwest Iowa Development, Lyon County Economic Development Director Steve Simons tells us about it.

He tells us why this is so important.

Simons says new lower standards were set in 2008, and levels continue to come down.

He says the required emission reduction plans will be expensive, and difficult to navigate for existing businesses and will choke new business growth.

Again, the EPA is set to announce their final decision on the standard October 1, 2015. Simons encourages people to contact their Congressional Representatives and Senators, the EPA and the White House.

It appears that after any new standards go into effect on October 1st, only a lawsuit could force change of the standards.

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