Northwest Iowans Remember Attacks Of 9/11/2001

Northwest Iowa — September 11, 2001. It’s one of those defining moments. Mostly everyone in the country can remember where they were when they first heard the news of the terrorist attacks.

We talked to some northwest Iowans and asked them what they remember, starting with our own sports director LA — Larry Ahrens, who says it started like a normal day.

He tells us other things he remembers about that day.

Ahrens says the lines at the gas pumps that evening reinforced the sense of uncertainty that everyone had.

We also got the perspective of a lawman. Lyon County Sheriff Stewart Vander Stoep says he was a road deputy for the Sheriff’s Office at that time and was on the road.

He says that in a way, everything changed on that day.

Vander Stoep says he stayed up watching the news reports until after midnight, still in shock about what had occurred.

Another lawman, Sheldon Police Chief Lyle Bolkema tells us his thoughts on that day in 2001.

Sue Haggar is a pastor’s wife. She says the events of the day were hard to take in.

Sadness and worry were common emotions that day, as we hear from Sheldon Chamber Director Shanelle Matus.

Like many in northwest Iowa, we at KIWA will never forget the events of that fateful day when the lives of hundreds of Americans were taken.

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