Northwestern College (Orange City) Graduate To Be On Sean Hannity TV Program On Friday

Kira DavisNew York, New York — A Northwestern College graduate is going to be on the nationally-broadcast Sean Hannity TV program on Friday. Kira Davis has moved around a lot, but originally hailed from Canada. She tells us she is going to be a part of a segment about black conservatives on the Hannity TV program on FoxNews on Friday evening.

Davis says she did not have a typical upbringing no matter how you slice it.

She says she was a Christian in an atheist home, so when she picked a college she had found a map of all the Christian colleges in the United States and she picked three of them by closing her eyes and pointing at the map. She says of those three, Northwestern gave her a scholarship, and so she ended up in Orange City, where she met her future husband. They graduated and moved away from the area. She says that’s where her political philosophy changed.

Davis says she’s an actor by trade, but since she had small children at home, she couldn’t audition very well and started political blogging in 2010. You can find links to her blog and her podcast called “The Dark Side” at

The Hannity segment is set to air on Friday evening at 8 PM on FoxNews.

If you’d like to know more about Davis’s interesting journey, including the time that she was kicked out of the MSNBC studios near the Democratic National Convention for displaying a sign that read “I’m Black, I’m Conservative, and I’m Voting For Romney”, click the play button below to hear the whole interview.

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