NW Iowa Congressman Expresses Encouragement For Reducing Violence, But Disappointment About President’s Methods

Congressman Steve King OfficialWashington, DC — Our northwest Iowa Congressman, Steve King has sounded off in regard to President Obama and Vice President Biden’s presentation of their executive actions on gun control.

King says, QUOTE “If there are Constitutional steps that can be taken to avert future tragedies like Sandy Hook, Congress needs to consider them. Taking steps to prevent tragedies like the terrible events that occurred in Newtown is a noble cause,” said King. “This is the latest attempt by the President to legislate through emotion, but doing so does not lead to quality legislation.”

King went on to say, QUOTE, “Reducing violence across our nation is a worthy goal, but it is imperative that the Constitutional rights of our citizens are not forgotten in the process. The right of the people to defend themselves against tyranny is the reason for the Second Amendment. We cannot disarm all law abiding Americans in an attempt to preempt a deranged individual.”

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