NW Iowa Congressman Steve King Taking Heat For Comments About Children Of Illegals

Date posted - July 25, 2013

Congressman Steve King OfficialWashington, DC — Republican Congressman Steve King is defending comments he made last week that sparked controversy and were denounced Tuesday by the top two Republicans in the House. King’s remarks were about so-called DREAMers — people under the age of 35 who were brought into the U.S. illegally by their parents when they were children. King opposes efforts to grant the group legal resident status.

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(as said) “I made a comment in an interview last week…and I said for every valedictorian, you have a hundred 130-pound drug smugglers with calves the size of cantaloupes,” King says. “And that comes from being down on the border, spending days and nights down there in multiple trips and time with the Border Patrol. That description essentially came from them.”

During a House hearing on Tuesday a Democratic congressman from Florida called King’s remarks “inflammatory” and “offensive,” and during an interview with Radio Iowa, King responded.

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(as said) “And of course he didn’t have an alternative number,” King said. “He didn’t suggest that there are more valedictorians than there are drug mules, but it’s enough for anybody to be offended these days. They apparently don’t have to use their brain.”

According to King, DREAM Act supporters are trying to tug at the “heartstrings” by focusing on the plight of DREAMers who’ve been good students.

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(as said) “We have people that are mules, that are drug mules, that are hauling drugs across the border and you can tell by their physical characteristics what they’ve been doing for months, going through the desert with 75 pounds of drugs on their back,” King told Radio Iowa. “And if those who advocate for the DREAM Act, if they choose to characterize this about valedictorians, I gave them a different image that we need to be thinking about because we just simply can’t be passing legislation looking only at one component of what would be millions of people.”

King is a leading voice in opposition to any House action on immigration, including the bill House G-O-P leaders say is in the works, something dubbed the “Kids Act” that would grant some sort of legal status to those who were brought into the U.S. illegally when they were children.

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(as said) “I agree. There are valedictorians in this group and my heart goes out to them,” King said, “but not to the point where I’d sacrifice the rule of law and legalize a lot of bad elements in the process.”

House Speaker John Boehner — the top Republican in congress — issued a written statement Tuesday night, calling King’s commentary “wrong.” Boehner said: “There can be honest disagreements about policy without using hateful language” and “everyone needs to remember that.” King is trying to muster enough support from conservative Republicans in the House to block any immigration reform bill Boehner might wish to pass. King meets weekly with like-minded House members to plot strategy and dismisses the idea he intentionally makes comments to spark controversy.

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(as said) “I’m going to be the voice of reason and the voice of defense of the rule of law,” King said, “and the defense for the American people.”

The chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party issued a statement Tuesday afternoon, saying “Iowans have grown weary” of King’s “ridiculous” rhetoric. Eric Cantor, the number two Republican in the U.S. House, also issued a statement Tuesday evening saying he “strongly” disagrees” with King’s comments, which he said were “inexcusable.”

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15 Responses to “NW Iowa Congressman Steve King Taking Heat For Comments About Children Of Illegals”

  1. Beltcher says:

    I guess now we can expect the “left” to mount a fierce campaign to once again unseat Congressman King. Let’s see it was Vilsack last time. Who will they offer up in 2014?

    • Harriet Oleson says:

      Who will unseat King? We here in Walnut Grove say that is a viable question… Unfortunately in your district if Charles Ingalls, Albert Schweitzer or Mother Teresa were running on the “other side” of the ticket they would not stand a chance. Nels & I would like to encourage you folks to vote for the best person in a race and abandon your nonsensical straight party ticket voting. Just as it was time over 100 yrs ago to leave the Netherlands -its now time to begin to think independently.

      • Sonny says:

        always interesting when Iowans are given voting advice from our friends north of the border in the great state of Minnesota. You know Minnesota the state that elected Jesse Ventura.

        • Harriet Oleson says:

          Actually just down Highway 18 from Sheldon!!!! Was always a big fan of Little House on the Prairie – trying to put a modern spin on what I assume would be the author’s take on subjects…

  2. Pete says:

    Steve King is the Joe Biden of the Republican Party. They are known for both running their mouths and normally leaving zero doubt they are a few hairs shy of a full head of hair.

    • Concerned says:

      You are mud slinging and insulting when you refer to anyone as Joe Biden. Is that how you learned to debate an important topic? Congress does have to look at the whole picture when granting citizenship to illegal immigrants. You cannot group a race as a whole. They are not all valedictorians nor drug mules. We need to be picky and not add to our unemployement, welfare system, and criminals. Is that common sense or is it all or nothing?

  3. Harriet Oleson says:

    Oh my…. Back in Walnut Grove we prided ourselves on being self-reliant and God-fearing people. We also expected everyone to put in a fair day’s work for a fair day’s wage. However we also expected those from our community to represent us with dignity when they were away. Why, I remember many times when I, Harriet Oleson, craved attention and I feel absolutely terrible about the things I said and did to hurt others back in Minnesota. I guess our saving grace back then was that we knew better than to select an impulsive, inadequately educated, fearmongering zealot to public office.

  4. Dissapointed Iowan says:

    I am disappointed to say the least to hear congressman Kings comments. He is proving that he is unaware of the value of all people and that has his own agenda is all he is worried about! He paints a terrible ignorant picture of immigrants. I think we could all come up with some stereotypical comments about some of our elected officials…….. My question to Mr. King is what would Jesus do??? Do we really think it is fair to stereotype these immigrants??? There are bad apples in all races and societies as well as hard working and honest people also. What would Jesus do????

    • Aaron says:

      Umm… Jesus would probably say, “obey the law.”
      Illegal immigrants have not obeyed the law.
      The end.

      • Jon says:

        Yup, and Jesus would say to forgive the sin and ask those who’ve committed it to atone for it. Allowing illegal immigrants (not the drug smugglers) who have otherwise done no wrong other than their transgression of entering this country to have a path to citizenship that includes penalties for their crime and a 13 year naturalization process is appropriate. Sending the “drug mules” back is also appropriate. The fact is that plans that call for amnesty for all AND plans that call for deporting all are utterly stupid. The Senate bill is a fairly decent balance, though it is probably kinder than it need bee regarding their ability to stay. He also probably would caution against slanderous statements and generalizations about people because of who they are.

  5. Chad says:

    Everybody needs to get over it!! Its about time someone has the you know what to say something. If your offended over this. Than you will be offended over anything. This country didnt get offended over anything in its past, and now this country is a bunch of pansies!!!

  6. Jon says:

    The problem with Steve King’s comments, is that they were not coming from a voice of reason, they were not coming from a standpoint of understanding the complexity of the issue, which is disappointing given his position on the committee overseeing immigration. While it is true that illegal immigration has enabled drug smuggling, it is also true that many illegal immigrants have come into this country for opportunity, even though the means by which they entered the nation is indefensible. Many of these people are perfectly able to live productive lives as citizens of this country if given that opportunity, and many are willing to pay the penalty they must take on for their illegal entrance to this country. Not all illegal immigrants are equal in their behavior and their respect for this country, just as not all members of the House of Representatives are able to treat people with a modicum of respect and dignity or to have any respect for his own responsibility as a representative of this state. He is a disgrace.

    • Concerned says:

      In your opinion Mr. king is a disgrace. In my opinion he is a voice of reason that we cannot give everyone citizenship who came illegally into this country. Look at how broke California is. Our classrooms are overflowing and property taxes continue to rise. If SSI was used the way it was intended during conception, it would not be in trouble. How can a country so far in debt from over spending take on unlimited Medicaid and welfare receipiants? Our unemployment is high and companies take advantage of illegal workers by no benefits or stable employment.

      • Jon says:

        You’re right. We can’t give citizenship to everyone, and I don’t think we should. I do think that some of the Dreamers have proven that they have the potential to contribute to our society and should be afforded that opportunity once they have paid the penalty for their illegal entrance to the country. The problem with King’s horrible rhetoric is that it taints the dialogue. No “voice of reason” needs to treat people like animals or garbage. There is of course, truth in his rhetoric, that there are illegals who smuggle drugs into this country. Fine. Send those people back. That doesn’t mean that we can’t even consider granting citizenship to those who have otherwise proved themselves productive and hard-working that would be an asset to this nation after they pay their due for their crime and go through the 13 year process of becoming a citizen. Some should have that right, others should not. Any plan that takes all or none is doing a disservice to this nation and to the people, and they are people, who’ve come here illegally.

  7. Kool says:

    He’s a bigot and doesn’t deserve to represent any constituency.

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