NW Iowa Law Enforcement “STEPs” Up Enforcement During St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

iowa abd green beer st patricksNorthwest Iowa — This being the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, law officers would be out in force anyway, but there’s also a special enforcement project going on.

Several northwest Iowa law enforcement agencies, including city police departments, county Sheriff’s Offices, and the Iowa State Patrol are telling us that they are taking part in the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau’s Special Traffic Enforcement Program (sTEP) wave going on through St. Patrick’s Day. Enforcement agencies from around the state will be out in force looking for motorists who are violating traffic laws. Several northwest Iowa law enforcement agencies take part in the program — some of them as a condition of grants they are receiving from the state.

The sTEP program consists of five high-visibility enforcement waves throughout the year meant to get motorists to change their driving behavior by buckling up, slowing down, driving sober and obeying all traffic laws in order to reduce the number of traffic crashes and to save lives.

During the sTEP wave conducted over Saint Patrick’s weekend last year, there were 16,279 traffic violations reported by 234 law enforcement agencies that had more than 1,600 officers working the enforcement event.

The theme of this sTEP wave is “Don’t Press Your Luck, Drive Sober, and Remember to Buckle Up”.

The next sTEP wave will be conducted May 20 – June 2nd during the Memorial Day Holiday.

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