O’Brien County Community Foundation Awards More Than $95-Thousand In Grants

o'brien community foundationO’Brien County, Iowa — The O’Brien County Community Foundation awarded 23 grants totaling $95,187 to nonprofit organizations and units of local government in support of projects throughout O’Brien County at a ceremony held today (Wednesday, June 15th) in Primghar.

Nearly $13,000 of those funds were awarded to projects in the City of Sheldon.  The City’s Rec program received $2,419 to be used for recreation baseball safety equipment, while Prairie Arts Council received $2,744 for renovations to the Baker Township School House.  The Sheldon Community Daycare Center received a $1,500 grant for an outdoor sign project, while the Sheldon EMA got a grant of $6,149 to be used for an Emergency Lighting project, which includes emergency lighting for EMA member’s vehicles, making every aspect of an emergency call safer for everyone involved from traveling to the emergency scene to scene management.  The project also includes funds for a remote area lighting system to be used at emergency scenes.  The remote area lighting system will allow EMA to quickly provide lighting to an emergency scene, and will assist ambulance team and fire department members.

Other grants included $5,877 to the Archer Fire Department for Community Services and Enhancements, $4,800 to Baum Harmon Mercy Foundation for a security system for Kids Kampus, and $5,272 to the Calumet Fire Department for Calumet Park Safety Enhancements.

The City of Hartley was awarded two separate grants, one in the amount of $3,000 for Rope and Confined Space Rescue Equipment, and another for $3,875 for a Computer Hardware and Software Upgrade.  The City of Paullina received a $2,495 grant for hydraulic rescue tools, while the City of Primghar was awarded $2,700 to purchase pagers and a two-way radio.  The City of Sanborn was awarded $5,000 for planning and training equipment.

Other grants include $5,000 for concrete for a parking lot for the Hartley Community Center Association, and another $5,000 grant for playground renovation at Hartley Community Daycare.  Kids Express Daycare received $5,000 to install a moisture system.  Little Sioux Valley Conservation was awarded a $2,330 grant for interpretive bison signage, while Masonic Lodge 312 received $1,900 for a front entry door replacement project.

A $2,846 grant was awarded to the O’Brien County Conservation Board for a floating island for Mill Creek.  The O’Brien County Fair received a grant for $6,000 for a show barn roof, while the Pride Group at Primghar were awarded $3,000 for a shelter/picnic house.  The R.L. Johannsen Community Center received a $1,550 grant to be used for audio and video equipment.  Sanborn Fire & Rescue received $6,730 in funding to be used for their SCBA Cylinder Replacement Project, while Sutherland Fire & Rescue received $10,000 to acquire new bunker gear.

The total grant amount awarded by the O’Brien County Community Foundation was $95,187, which came from a percentage of state gambling revenues that is distributed to all Iowa counties that do not have a gambling entity located in their county.  The Foundation is governed by a nine-member advisory board comprised of representatives from each of the communities in O’Brien County, as well as one county-at-large member.

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