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o'brien community foundationPrimghar, Iowa — This is the time of the year that government subdivisions and non-profit organizations are finalizing their applications for grant funding through the O’Brien County Community Foundation.

Foundation officials report that the deadline for submitting applications for this grant program is April 15.

Applications are available at each City Hall and library in O’Brien County or may be downloaded at

Since the first grants were awarded in 2006, the foundation has awarded nearly $549,000 to non-profit organizations to help support present and emerging needs in O’Brien County. A detailed list of grants awarded in the last three years is available on the foundation’s website.

The purpose of the foundation is to respond to present and emerging needs within O’Brien County by making grants in the categories:

• Arts & Culture: Provide or increase access to theatre, music, arts, dance, museums, historical events.
• Civic: Community betterment/beautification, city government, emergency services, citizen participation, parks and recreation.
• Education: Early childhood development/daycare, primary, secondary, and continuing education; libraries.
• Environment: Pollution control, natural resource conservation, protecting wildlife, botanic/horticultural activities.
• Health: Promotion and maintenance of physical, dental and mental health; rehabilitative services, crisis intervention.
• Human Services: Housing/shelter, public safety, services for the elderly, youth, families, handicapped, economically disadvantaged, minorities or other special groups.

Those eligible to apply include nonprofit organizations and units of local government that serve O’Brien County and are tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Those not qualified directly, such as service clubs and other non-501(c)(3) organizations, are encouraged to collaborate with a qualified nonprofit agency on projects or seek a fiscal sponsor. Information about fiscal sponsorships is available on the foundation’s web page.


The OBCCF Advisory Board will carefully review grant applications and recommend grants to be awarded. Priority consideration will generally be given to projects and programs that:
* Have potential for long-term impact.
* Address a significant need affecting a broad segment of the county’s population or special
populations considered at risk.
* Provide evidence of careful planning to address county/community needs and access
county/community resources.
* Demonstrate organizational expertise in delivering quality service.
* Document capacity to mobile resources including financial support, in-kind support, and
* Have support already committed.
* Have been developed in collaboration with other nonprofit entities or volunteer groups.
* Do not duplicate existing services.
Lower priority consideration will be given to one-time events. Generally, requests for the following will not be given consideration: general operating expenses, budget deficits, annual fund drives, individuals, political activities, endowment, religious activities, multi-year grants.

The OBCCF is governed by a local nine-member advisory board composed of representatives from each of the communities in O’Brien County. Technical assistance and staff support is provided by the Siouxland Community Foundation which currently works with twelve affiliate Foundations.

Questions about the grant program or application process may be directed to Denise Steffen, OBCCF Advisory Board Chair, at 712-260-6282, or Debbie Hubbard at 712-293-3303.

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