O’Brien County Hospitals Have MAJOR Economic Impact

O’Brien County, Iowa — The two hospitals in O’Brien County not only have a direct impact on the health of the residents, but they also have a tremendous economic impact, as well.

According to a report from the Iowa Hospital Association, Sanford Sheldon Medical Center employs 303 people, at a total combined salary of $16,248,290.00.

The report goes on to say that Sanford Sheldon employees pump almost $3.5-million into the local retail economy, and pay more than $208-thousand in sales tax each year on those purchases.

Taking a look at the economic impact of hospitals county-wide, we figure in Baum Harmon Mercy Hospital in Primghar. That facility provides 77 jobs, with a total annual payroll of $5,275, 705. The report says that Baum Harmon employees spend more than $1.1-million on retail purchases locally, and pay nearly $68-thousand each year in sales tax on those purchases.

When you look at the Iowa Hospital Association total numbers for the two hospitals in O’Brien County, combined, they employ 380 people, with a total payroll of $21,523,995.00. Those employees pump a total of $4.6-million into the county’s retail economy, and pay more than $276-thousand in sales tax in the process.

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