Orange City Fire Department Busy Early On Monday

Orange City, Iowa — The Orange City Fire Department was busy Sunday night into Monday morning, but there wasn’t much damage.
Orange City Fire1
On Sunday night about 11:30 PM, they were called to help out the Le Mars Fire Department with a call of smoke in the emergency room of Floyd Valley Hospital in Le Mars. Orange City Fire Chief Denny Vander Wel says they didn’t actually make it all the way to Le Mars before they were told that they could turn around and head back to Orange City.

According to Le Mars Fire Chief David Schipper, the Le Mars Fire Department was called to Floyd Valley Hospital at about 11:15 PM. He says an exhaust fan on the roof caught on fire, and the smoke was pulled into the emergency room area. They shut down the fan and ventilated the smoke. The hospital didn’t need to be evacuated, as fire doors were closed to isolate the smoke from the rest of the building. He says crews were on scene until about a quarter after midnight.

Orange City Fire Chief Vander Wel says then, about 5:50 AM, the Orange City firefighters were called out to investigate smoke thought to be coming from the roof at Pluim Publishing. A neighbor called in the report. After a search in the building and from their aerial ladder truck, firefighters were able to determine that there was no fire. The smoke that was seen is thought to have come from the furnace starting up. He says they were at Pluim Publishing for about 45 minutes.

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