Over $284,000 In Grants Given At Riverboat Foundation Ceremony

Larchwood, Iowa — Over $284,000 in grants were given to non-profits and government entities Tuesday night, October 17th, by the Lyon County Riverboat Foundation.

The foundation is the non-profit license holder for the Grand Falls Casino near Larchwood. State law mandates a certain percentage of the casino’s gaming take has to go back to the community. The agreement between the casino and the non-profit stipulates that for the first $20 million the casino collects in gambling winnings in a year, they will give the foundation 4.5 percent. When they get up to $20 million, the percentage goes up to 4.75 percent; and when they get up to $30 million, it goes to 5 percent.

The Lyon County Riverboat foundation is set up to give half of the money in grants to county government subdivisions and schools, and the other half to non-profit projects.

Over $2.69 million was requested by those seeking grants. Nine entities received grants at the ceremony.

One was the first installment of 20 installments of $50,000, totaling a million dollars for state-of-the-art technological medical equipment at the Rock Rapids hospital, which is being built.

Another grant will go to build a new Alvord Fire Station. The Alvord Fire Department received a grant of $135,000 toward a new 6-bay fire station. Fire department officials say it will allow each truck to have a door instead of having to have the trucks double deep and move trucks around when one in the back is needed. They say they hope to break ground in two weeks.

Other smaller grants went to these entities:

1. The Jack Sauter American Legion post in George, who received nearly $3025 to help them replace flags in their Avenue of Flags and helped buy jackets and winter gloves for use during military funerals.

2. The Granite Thresherman’s Association for $25,000 toward the purchase of a train depot.

3. The Immanuel Lutheran Church of Rock Rapids for over $19,000 to fix moisture damage to their church

4. The Larchwood United Church of Christ for $10,000 to buy meat for their food pantry.

5. The Lyon County Courthouse for $20,000 to fix mold and moisture damage to their murals. It will go toward the $48,000 project in anticipation of the facility’s centennial celebration.

6. The City of Inwood for $3000 for new roll-up doors for their kitchen in the community center.

7. The City of George for $19,000 for the second phase of improvements to their campground.

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