Parking and Bump-outs Hot Topics at Sheldon City Council Meeting

SheldonThe Downtown Infrastructure project was back on the agenda for  Wednesday’s Sheldon City Council meeting.

The council reviewed and discussed a proposed schedule of activity presented by a representative of McClure Engineering.  The first event will be a fifty percent Design Review to be held on February 18th. Much of the council discussion centered on the bump-outs which are being planned for the downtown intersections.  Duane Seehusen voiced his opposition to the bump-outs and questioned how many parking spaces would be lost because of them.  The engineer said he didn’t know the answer, but Public Works Director Todd Uhl  said according to his calculations they would lose 22 parking spots.  Ron Rensink brought up the problem of clearing the snow around the bump-outs.  The engineer defended the design stating that pedestrian safety would be enhanced because the amount of time they would  be exposed to traffic would be decreased.  He also said that the bump-outs would provide easier use by people who are handicapped. After some discussion he was asked if they could be made smaller and agreed to study that possibility.

Council member Brad Hindt mentioned several times that more parking spaces would be available if  Sheldon’s two hour Parking Law was enforced.  Adding that many of the parking spaces are taken by store owners and employees.  Mayor Meendering agreed, stating that she has seen cars  parked in the same location for as long as twelve hours.  She and Police Chief Bolkema agreed to discuss how this parking rule could be enforced.

The council also heard the annual Auditors Report with Tom Hendrickson of Winther, Stave and Company who called it a ‘clean’  report with no findings of  non-compliance. And, they set February 20th as the date for a public hearing on changes in the Urban Renewal Plan and January 29th as the tentative date for a budget session.

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