Paullina Movie Theater Board Holds Fundraiser To Update Equipment

wonderland theatre PaullinaIt’s no secret that we live in the Digital Age, but that reality is putting the squeeze on an area non-profit movie theater operation.  Jackie Hughes is the Secretary/Treasurer for the group that runs the Wonderland Theater in Paullina.  She says that, within the next year or so, the theater will be forced to upgrade to digital projection equipment to allow them to continue to be able to run first-run films on the weekends.

Hughes says that, while the upgrade to digital projection equipment is essential, it’s also quite costly.

The theater group will be holding a fundraiser this weekend, at the American Legion Building, on Highway 10 East in Paullina.  Hughes says Sunday’s fundraiser is multi-faceted.

Sunday’s fundraiser will be held from 10:30 to 1:30 at the American Legion Hall in Paullina.

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