Pending Demolition Of Elevator Grain Silo Means Orange City Must Find New Location For Cellular Antennas

cell tower
Cell Phone Antenna Tower (file photo)

Orange City — An unintended consequence of the sale of the Ag Partners property in Orange City to Northwestern College — the community needs to find a new place for cell phone antennas.

Cell phone antennas to handle the community’s cell phone calls and mobile data had been located on the elevator silos. But with the impending demolition of the Ag Partners elevator silos, a new location for the antennas must be found.

City officials say there is not enough room on the city water tower for additional cell antennas. As a result, the City is working with Northwestern College to determine a new location that is central to the entire community. The new location, hopefully to be identified in the near future, will then need to go through additional approval guidelines that could take an additional 6 months.

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