Perseid Meteor Shower Visible This Week

meteor shower 1Northwest Iowa — Northwest Iowa stargazers are in for a treat this week, as the Perseid Meteor Shower gives us a spectacular show in the night sky.

Linda Burkhart, of Sanford Planetarium in Cherokee, says the “falling stars” are visible each year in August.

Burkhart says the Perseid Meteor Shower is sometimes known for it’s fireballs.

She says this is an excellent year for viewing the meteors, since there will many more visible than in normal years.

Burkhart says the meteor shower should be visible anytime after the moon sets.

She says if you’d like to travel to Cherokee Friday night, Sanford Planetarium is sponsoring a meteor shower event at the Washington High School baseball field.

Burkhart says if you want to watch the meteor shower on your own, go to as dark an area as possible, away from street lights and the like, and just look up.

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