Polling Places And Hours For City Election

Date posted - November 2, 2015

Northwest Iowa — Tuesday, November 3rd is the city election in Iowa.
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In O’Brien County, Sheldon polls will be open from 7 AM to 8 PM. Other polls will be open from noon to 8 PM.

In Osceola County, all polls are open from noon to 8 PM.

In Lyon County, all polls are open noon to 8 PM.

In Sioux County, polls are open from noon to 8 PM except in Boyden, Hawarden, Hospers, Ireton, Orange City, and Sioux Center, where they are open from 7 AM to 8 PM. Polling places are the same as usual except that the cities of Chatsworth, Granville and Matlock will each have a polling place. These are only used for city elections. They are at the Chatsworth Community Center, the Granville Fire Station, and the Matlock Fire Station.

Other polling places can be found here:

Polling Place
Sioux1. Alton, Nassau, East Orange
Alton Community Building
Sioux2. Floyd, Lynn Hospers Community Center
Sioux3. Grant, Sheridan Demco Community Center, Boyden
Sioux4. Hawarden, Buncombe 4. Logan, Washington, &
Eagle South
Hawarden Community Center
Sioux5. LincolnHull Library
Sioux6. Orange City No. 1, Holland West
Living Water Community Church, Orange City
Sioux7. Orange City No. 2, Holland East & Nassau Living Water Community Church, Orange City
Sioux8. Plato, Garfield, Settlers, Sioux & Eagle NorthFaith Reformed Church, Rock Valley
Sioux9. Reading, Center SouthIreton City Office
Sioux10. Rock Valley EastFaith Reformed Church, Rock Valley
Sioux11. Rock Valley West, Rock
Faith Reformed Church, Rock Valley
Sioux12. Sherman Maurice Community Center
Sioux13. Sioux Center North, Capel & WelcomeEvent Center, St. Andrews Way, Sioux Center
Sioux14. Sioux Center Central
Event Center, St. Andrews Way, Sioux Center
Sioux15. Sioux Center South
Event Center, St. Andrews Way, Sioux Center
Sioux16. West Branch, Center North
Event Center, St. Andrews Way, Sioux Center
OsceolaAshton PrecinctAshton Legion Building (Council Room for City Elections)
OsceolaHarris PrecinctHarris Civic Center/Fire Station
OsceolaMay City PrecinctMay City Fire Station (unincorporated - no city elections)
OsceolaMelvin PrecinctMelvin Fire Station
OsceolaOcheyedan PrecinctOcheyedan Town Hall
OsceolaOsceola 1 Precinct (includes Sibley Ward 1)Osceola County Courthouse, Ground Floor
OsceolaOsceola 2 Precinct (includes Sibley Ward 2)St Andrew's School, Sibley
OsceolaOsceola 3 Precinct (Includes Sibley Ward 3)Sibley United Methodist Church
O'BrienPrecinct 1 Carroll & Floyd TownshipsCommunity Bldg., Sheldon
O'BrienPrecinct 2 Franklin Township Community Bldg., Sanborn
O'BrienPrecinct 3 Hartley, Lincoln & Omega Townships Public Library, Hartley
O'BrienPrecinct 4 Sheldon First WardCommunity Bldg., Sheldon
O'BrienPrecinct 5 Sheldon 2nd WardCommunity Bldg., Sheldon
O'BrienPrecinct 6 Sheldon 3rd WardCommunity Bldg., Sheldon
O'BrienPrecinct 7 Summit, Center, Highland & Dale TownshipsCourthouse Assembly Room, Primghar
O'BrienPrecinct 8 Union, Baker & CaledoniaCity Hall, Paullina
O'BrienWaterman, Grant & Liberty Masonic Lodge, Sutherland
LyonPrecinct 1George Community Center
LyonPrecinct 2Doon Community Center
LyonPrecinct 3Inwood Community Center
LyonPrecinct 4Larchwood Community Center
LyonPrecinct 5Lester Community Center
LyonPrecinct 6Little Rock Town & Country Building
LyonPrecinct 7Forster Community Center, Rock Rapids
LyonPrecinct 8Forster Community Center, Rock Rapids
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