Poverty Simulation Being Presented At Sheldon High

Sheldon, Iowa — An organization in Sheldon is helping people to understand what poverty is like.
Walk A While
Love In the Name of Christ is facilitating a poverty simulation called “Walk a While in These Shoes.” Love INC’s Kristi Robinson says they’ve done the simulation for their volunteers and are now doing it for Sheldon High School seniors. She tells us what it’s all about.

She says one of the main points of the simulation is that there are different types of poverty. She says we normally think of financial poverty, in which people don’t have enough money to pay for basic needs. She says while that’s a big part of it, it’s not the whole picture.

In addition, she says they will also simulate “relational poverty.”

Robinson says initially the simulation was only for their volunteers, but they had such a good response that they’re opening it up to other groups, organizations, businesses and churches. She says this week, they are presenting the simulation at Sheldon High School.

Robinson says they will be presenting the simulation quarterly in the area, but if your organization would be interested, they would like to hear from you. You can call them at 712-324-9707. The simulation has been scheduled for August 1st in Sheldon and November 7th in Primghar.

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