Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz Visits Sheldon

Sheldon, Iowa — Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz made two campaign stops in the four northwest Iowa counties on Friday; one in Sheldon and one in Orange City.
Ted Cruz in Sheldon 6-26-15
In his opening remarks, Cruz talked about the challenges facing America. He said he was against Friday’s Supreme Court decision allowing same-sex marriage in all 50 states. He made the point that marriage is not a constitutional issue, and said that he is not comfortable with five judges making the decision for all Americans. He called for the American public to stand up, because their constitutional rights are “under assault.”

Cruz says that the central issue of his campaign is to reignite the economy, and get back to the promise of America. He says American kids can have “a better life and their kids an even better life”.

Cruz says his three principals for jobs and growth are:

1. …tax reform, which equals economic growth. He called for a flat tax that would allow all Americans to fill out their tax return on a post card. He also called for the abolition of the IRS.

2. …secondly, regulatory reform. He says most importantly, ObamaCare neads to be repealed. He says we should make the 2016 Presidential campaign a referendum on the repeal of ObamaCare. He also says it’s important to defend our Constitutional rights — most importantly free speech and religious liberty. He also called for the repeal of the common core education standards.

3. …and finally, he says we need to restore American leadership in the world. He says, QUOTE: “Our allies don’t trust us and our enemies don’t fear us.” He compared the currant state of America to the late 1970’s, drawing a parallel comparison to the US under the leadership of Jimmy Carter.

Cruz also called for the defeat of radical Islam.

On the national debt he reiterated economic growth would come from tax reform and regulatory reform, allowing the economy to grow and the national debt to come down.

He also stated “The biggest divide in the country is not between Democrats and Republicans it’s between career politicians and the American public.”

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