Pride Of The Dutchmen Band To March In Hollywood Christmas Parade

MOC-FV Pride of Dutchmen Dutchman Marching Band 2Orange City, Iowa — The Pride Of The Dutchmen Marching Band from MOC-Floyd Valley High School are going Hollywood.  More accurately, they’re going TO Hollywood during their Thanksgiving break this fall.

According to Band Director Steve Connell, the Pride of the Dutchmen Marching Band has accepted an invitation to perform at the Hollywood Christmas Parade in Hollywood, California.  The band will be one of 17 bands from across the country and around the world that have been invited to march down Hollywood Boulevard at the Hollywood Christmas Parade on Sunday, November 27th.

Connell says this will be the first Thanksgiving holiday trip for the Pride Of The Dutchmen Marching Band.

He says the application process to be invited to march in the parade was quite extensive.

Connell says that, as exciting as the Hollywood Christmas Parade is for the band, they will have other performances while in Southern California, as well, including one at Disneyland on November 25th.

Connell says that he and his wife traveled to southern California a few weeks ago to line up hotels, as well as other arrangements for the band’s trip.  He says that while there, they toured the USS Iowa Battleship Memorial, which is permanently docked at Long Beach Harbor.  It was there, he says, that a chance conversation with a ticket seller at the museum landed a third performance opportunity for the band.

The Pride Of The Dutchmen will perform a 30-minute concert at the USS Iowa Battleship Memorial beginning at 10:30 Sunday morning, November 27th.  They will be in southern California from November 23rd through November 28th

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