Primghar Area Residents To Receive Smoke Alarms

Primghar, Iowa — If you live in the Primghar area, chances are, you will be offered a free smoke alarm on Saturday, courtesy of the American Red Cross and the Primghar Fire Department.
smoke alarm
It’s called the Red Cross “Home Fires” campaign. Primghar Fire Chief Gary Lansink tells us about it.

He says this Saturday, August 27th is the day for the event.

Lansink says it’s not limited to the residents of the city of Primghar.

He says of course some homes already have good smoke alarms.

If you’d like to help canvas the town and install smoke alarms, he says you can meet them at the fire station at 8:30 a.m. Saturday morning. Lansink says he heard about the Red Cross’s “Home Fires” campaign on the radio when he was out of the area. He says if you are a local fire chief and you’d like to install free smoke alarms for the people in your district, contact your local Red Cross chapter.

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